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Meet our Trustees

Northfields Community Library is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charities Commission. We are governed by a board of Trustees who oversee the running of the organisation.


Jenny Oldroid
Jenny Oldroyd

Jenny is a Civil Servant who has worked in education and health policy for over twenty years. She loves working with people and leading teams as passionate as those we have at Northfields Community Library.


Jenny lives locally and has two children who have enjoyed the library since they were small. It was this opportunity to make sure the library is there for future generations of children that made her want to become involved.


If Jenny could be any fictional character she would choose to be George from the Famous Five. There would be nothing nicer than being outside friends and a trusty dog for most of the time!

Paul Driscoll
Paul Driscoll

Paul Driscoll has worked in the education field, representing the university, further education and secondary school sectors, in a variety of roles for over thirty years.


He has supported and trained volunteers in different organisations, which required designing and delivering training programmes. In addition his work with volunteers in the education and voluntary sectors included recruitment, mentoring and a supervision role.


Paul is also a Local Councillor for Northfields Ward in Ealing with extensive contacts in the Northfields Area and a deep understanding of the community and its needs.

Alison Pegg
Alison Pegg

I have lived in Northfields for over 20 years and have always been a bookworm. I got involved with the NCL when I realised our library would be closed if the community didn't step in to save it.


I am currently Head of Housing Regeneration for a local authority leading on the development of affordable housing.


Having access to books and libraries when I was younger helped me to progress in my career and I think it is really important we all work together to keep Northfields library going and to develop other community activities for everyone.

Alison Stewart
Alison Stewart

Alison Stewart has been a Northfields resident for 27 years.


She has worked in children’s media production for most of her career, twice at the BBC and also as a freelance producer, BAFTA nominated director and script writer, producing content for ITV, Channel 4 and Sky in the UK. Her most recent role at the BBC was Head of CBeebies Production and she also managed several international co-productions for the CBeebies channel.


Since 2018 Alison has worked on a number of development projects, as a freelance consultant, producer and script writer.


Alison is a member of the Children’s Media Conference Advisory Group, helping to curate the annual conference which hosts over 1200 delegates from around the world. She is also a member of BAFTA and of Action for Children’s Arts.

Monica Wiener
Monica Wiener

When I finished my degree I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do, but I saw an advert for a job as a CIPFA trainee. The idea of working in a role which supported services that made a difference to people like schools, libraries and social care really appealed, and so I started as a trainee accountant with a large local authority.


Since qualifying I’ve worked in a broad range of organisations in the public and charity sectors, and been involved in a wide range of activities from preparing briefings for officials reporting to parliament, right through to supporting the army of volunteers that provide services for a Citizen’s Advice Bureau (by ensuring very prompt payment of expenses and a ready supply of biscuits and tea!).


I’m enjoying being part of the team of volunteers running Northfields Community Library, and hope that the library offers you a place to enjoy books and access community services.

Louisa Sutton
Louisa Sutton

Louisa is a solicitor currently working in house for a major international children's charity, having held previous roles in the retail and outsourcing sectors.


She moved to the Northfields area in 2018 and enjoyed bringing her young son to the library to explore the bookshelves in the children's corner. She is looking forward to enabling other young families to continue to use the library for years to come.


Tanya White
Tanya White

Tanya has worked for over thirty years in secondary education. Having trained as a English teacher, she held a number of roles in schools in Yorkshire, Berkshire and West London. She has twenty years experience of senior leadership, fourteen as a headteacher of a large mixed comprehensive school. In addition, she has held advisory roles (school improvement and literacy) in two London local authorities.


As an English teacher, Tanya has a wealth of experience in promoting the importance of literacy in enabling young people to maximise their potential and of literature to enrich lives, develop imagination and deepen our understanding of the world. She hopes to bring this experience and passion to her role as a trustee of Northfields Community Library.