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Our story


The idea of Northfields Community Library was born in Spring 2019 in response to an invitation from the London Borough of Ealing to keep libraries open by turning them into community run organisations.


Working hard to build a team around this idea, we established a charity in the name of Northfields Community Library and were very pleased to be able to appoint board passionate and committed trustees with a range of very helpful experience.


We spent much of 2019 recruiting volunteers to help us shape a vision for what we wanted Northfields Community Library to be. Through a series of public consultations and workshops we created a concept of a library that will always have reading and books at its heart, but that will also offer groups and activities that appeal to people across the community.


By the end 2019 we had well over 100 volunteers all keen to get the library open and we were thrilled to get the go ahead from London Borough of Ealing to run a new community service. By Spring 2020 the library had been completely renovated to create a welcoming and modern space with the flexibility to support the range of activities we want to offer.


Like many organisations, we were knocked off course by Covid-19 and could not open as planned. We took the opportunity to run online sessions that include book clubs and children’s story times.


We are now in the process of opening up the library to the public and we are hugely excited about doing so. We have worked hard to create a safe space. Once open for browsing we will start to move some of our activities into the library, and set up new groups, in line with local and national guidance.


If you would like to know more about us, or our business plans for the next three years, please do get in touch.


Jenny Oldroyd, Chair of Trustees

October 2020