Northfields Community Library

Run by the people of Northfields in Ealing, London

Tel: 020 8579 2394

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Thank you so much for offering to volunteer with Northfields Community Library. We are completely dependent on volunteers to keep the library open and your help is invaluable!


If we can take a few details now we can help make sure that you enjoy volunteering with us. All information will be held securely.


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It would be helpful for us to understand when and how often you might be available to volunteer. This is just to give us an overview of the availability of our volunteer base. We understand that it may change or that you may have specific requirements not covered in these options.


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Skills and experience

We will be providing training for all of our volunteers, but it would be great to know if you have any specific skills that might help us in setting up or running the library (please tick all that apply.)




Thanks again for offering to volunteer - we look forward to meeting you soon.





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